Hedgehog Hills Sundries
The place for handmade bath and beauty supplies and gifts!
Granite Falls, NC   |   [email protected]
About Us
Meet our Family
Hi! We are Joshua & Sarah Harris, and we have three small children, ages 3 to 7. We are a Christian homeschooling family with an interest in self-sufficiency. 

How Hedgehog Hills Began
We started making bath and beauty products in 2009 after the birth of our first child. We realized that the majority of bath and beauty products contain ingredients to which we did not want to expose our newborn, and we decided to replace them with safe natural products. We researched and tested recipes until we successfully created natural replacements for our family's needs. Then we saw that there were few places to buy quality yet affordable 100% natural cosmetics, so we decided to start selling at our local farmers market. Our local market welcomed us and encouraged us to continue to develop new products, which we have been working hard at ever since!
We make and package all our products at our home in Granite Falls, NC. We sell our products at various local shops. Please see locations page.
Why Choose Us
All Natural 
$8 Flat Rate Shipping
Handmade in NC
We do not use any artificial color or fragrance, preservatives, or gmo oils. All our packaging can be reused or recycled.
  We offer $8 flat rate shipping on every order. All orders ship within two business days via 
USPS 2 day Priority Mail.   
We are a small family business that makes All of our products in our home in granite falls, NC. Thank you for supporting us!