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Foot Scrub

Exfoliate & Revitalize Feet with Dead Sea Salt 

Our dead sea salt foot scrub provides intense exfoliation for rough & calloused feet. Powders of pumice, walnut shell, and lemon peel exfoliate while raw shea & cocoa butter, sweet almond oil, and non-gmo vitamin e oil deeply nourish your skin. Your feet will thank you. To Use: wet feet - rub in a small amount of scrub - continue to rub in small amounts of scrub until foot is covered. Rub briskly in a circular motion in areas that need particular attention. 

ingredients: dead sea salt, raw shea butter, pumice, raw cocoa butter, sweet almond oil, walnut shell powder, lemon peel powder, vitamin e oil, rosemary extract, and essential oils. 

Our sundries are available in a half jelly mason jar (2 oz), a small plastic tub (0.2 oz), and a quart mason jar (16 oz) at a 20% discount. For more info, please see Scrub & Moisturize   page. Jars are filled to precise weight.
$10 per 2 oz Jar - $3 per 0.2 oz Tub - $64 per 16 oz jar (20% off)​

Rosemary Mint

Herbal & Minty

Rosemary Mint has a powerful, fresh, woody-herbaceous, sweet mint scent. One of our best selling soap scents. Not safe for pregnant women.

Benefits: Rosemary reduces fine lines and wrinkles, lightens blemishes, and alleviates acne and oily skin. Spearmint is uplifting, improves concentration, and eases physical tension in the head and neck.
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