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all natural handmade Sundries

Toothpaste + Vapor Rub + Salve + Baby Bum Cream

Remineralizing Toothpaste
Our toothpaste clean, protects, and refreshes the mouth naturally. Calcium carbonate and concentrace liquid minerals help restore teeth. Our customers say their mouth has never felt cleaner! Now with Myrrh essential oil!
Vapor Rub
Our vapor rub gently soothes chest & nasal congestion caused by seasonal allergies or wintertime illsness. The essential oils in our vapor rubs are producted by Plant Therapy, a high quality essential oil company. We have two blends - rosemary eucalyptus and sniffle ease. 
Our herbal salve soothes and protects very dry or irriated skin. It is designed to sit on top of skin, best covered or applied at night. The base for our salve is almond oil infused with herbs that have traditionally been used for healing, scarring, and itch relief. 
Baby Bum Cream
Our baby bum cream is rich, creamy and fluffy - a little dollop is all it takes to soothe baby's bum. Bum Cream moisturizes offers relief from the most uncomfortable rash with raw shea butter, non-gmo vitamin e oil, and herbal ingredients. We use non-nano zinc oxide.
Our sprays focus on all natural high quality ingredients. They are both alcohol and water free, and several are safe for young children. The essential oils in these sprays are produced by Plant Therapy, a high quality essential oil company. 
sundry specifics

jar size + price + bulk orders + special orders

Jar SIZE & Price
Our sundries are available in a half jelly mason jar, a small plastic tub, and a quart mason jar at a 20% discount. For exact fill weight and price, see individual listing. All jars are filled to precise listed weight. 

Bulk & Special Orders
Quart mason jar size sundries must be pre-ordered. We offer a 20% bulk discount for any of our reguarly offered products. If you want to order a custom product/scent combination in a scent that we currently offer (for example a jar of peppermint vapor rub), there is no discount. This is the only way custom product/scents are available (other than toothpaste). If you want to order a product in scent that we do not carry, please contact us for pricing. How it works: We make your product in a single large jar. You will want to fill a small jar for easier use. Please allow a full week for us to make your order. 
Why Choose Us
All Natural 
$8 Flat Rate Shipping
Handmade in NC
We do not use any artificial color or fragrance, preservatives, or gmo oils. All our packaging can be reused or recycled.
  We offer $8 flat rate shipping on every order. All orders ship within two business days via 
USPS 2 day Priority Mail.   
We are a small family business that makes All of our products in our home in granite falls, NC. Thank you for supporting us!